Sweet Hollow was created as my thesis project. Sweet Hollow is the design, branding, and marketing of a choice-based video game.
Above is the logo created for the game using elements that refer back to horror and suspense genre that hints at themes throughout the game. Sweet Hollow is also the name of the town that the game takes place in.
Below is the secondary mark of Sweet Hollow that is seen in the logo and can be used by itself. As well as a subsidiary logo of ALMS the secret society that creates most of the conflict in the game. The naming of ALMS even has a double meaning. Traditionally alms means giving aide to the poor however it also has another meaning as an acronyms Acadamy of Lost Mystics Society.
The colors for the brand were chosen by looking at the sunset. Not only does the sunset hold special meaning in the game but it also refers to the oncoming darkness which is a theme in the game.
Below is some imagery that is used throughout the brand.
Below is all of the deliverables that were created for this brand. From collateral, posters, advertisings, packaging, and even social media!
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